The Pub

At the Palace of Brzeźno, you can not only experience the exquisite tastes of Polish cuisine but also savour end class alcoholic beverages imported from all over the world. The menu includes high-quality wines, aroma liquors, tasty flavoured beers, and home-made nalewka.

You will find two climatic pubs on the palace premises. One of them is next to the Club House Restaurant. It is the best choice especially for golfers wishing to rest down after intensive and tiring rivalry, but everyone craving a chat over a glass of gourmet liquor is invited.

The pub located in the palace underground is for the palace guests, who seek some rest after a time at our Spa Zone. There you can conclude beauty sessions, e.g. in one of the palace saunas, increasing their curative influence. Try out our freshly squeezed juices or high quality aromatic teas.

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