The Grandi Golf Club – for the love of the exceptional

It is no accident that one of the largest golf courses best suited for professional play near Wrocław lies within the palace complex of Brzeźno. The Brzeźno Palace holiday complex has been created out of the love for the unique and the exceptional, and so besides picturesque landscapes and charming atmosphere it offers also extraordinary leisure opportunities.

The Gradi Golf Club is comprised of two golf courses of different sizes set in natural forest scenery. The 18-hole Main Course (PAR 71) is 5366 meters long, and it ensures challenging and satisfying game for both beginners and advanced players. The smaller Park Course, located in a green complex adjacent to the Palace, is a 6-hole course (PAR 19) and an ideal spot for learning and practicing the art of golf, since the holes have been set among numerous trees, streams, and ponds.

Additionally, the Gradi Golf Club complex is perfectly suitable for working on the hitting technique called driving range with 7 posts and other appropriate training places, as well. The House Club in the palace complex also has a well-equipped golf shop and a golf simulator, which may be a great alternative in case of unfavourable weather. And after a day full of activity and rivalry, all players are invited to a delicious homelike dinner and a glass of cold beer or a glass of the so-called warming nalewka (a strong Polish alcoholic beverage).

Have a look at our price list for the golf course and golf lessons with a professional coach!

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