History of the Palace

A few miles from Wroclaw, there stands a proud and very charming pearl of architecture, surrounded by the beauty of nature, an old tree stand and an 18-hole golf course. The Brzeźno Palace it is now called.

Brzeźno is a tiny little town located on a small stream which is in truth a tributary of the Barycz River. The Barycz Valley is famous for the Milickie Ponds, founded already in 13th century.

As the archaeological finds prove, the first settlements in this area come from the Neolithic period (4200-1700 BC). Later on, one found traces of settlement and graveyards dating back to the Bronze Age and referring to the Lausitz culture. On these lands, also the Hallstatt culture of the Iron Age developed (1000-400 B.C.), yet the influence of the Roman Empire is quite visible as well (0-375 AD). What is more, on two locations, researchers found Medieval settlements from the 10th – 13th century. As far as the Bresna village is concerned, the first historical mentioning about it comes from 1204. In the document issued by duke Henry IV the Righteous in 1288, there is a village Bresin mentioned. Then, in the old prints by duke Konrad of Wołów (the last one from the Oleśnica line of the Piast Dynasty) from 1487, there is a reference to a grange with a large residential building. It is almost certain, the mansion stood where the Palace stands today. When duke Konrad died without an heir in 1492, the reign of the Polish Piast Dynasty in the Northern part of Lower Silesia came to an end. The duchies of Oleśnica and Wołów became together with Brzeźno a fee of the Czech kingdom, since the 17th century passing through the hands of new lords, mostly of the German origin.

Initially, the village belonged to the highly influential family von Kospoth which between 18th and 19th century owned a whole myriad of estates in the Lower Silesia. It was probably them who left a large noble mansion where the palace stands today, because the first references to the object come from 1886. A few years later, when the new century came, the mansion became property of Artur von Zastrow who had the palace re-built and made it the place it is today.

The Palace itself suffered quite an eventful fate. As the historians believe, the current building was erected on the foundations from the 16th or 17th century (yet they do not exclude the end of the 15th century, either). The old foundations still can be found in the vaults. The Palace and the park around it come from the beginning of the 19th century. Presumably, the building of today is the third one raised on the same foundations. In 1913 great renovations were made. Since that time, the palace had not changed. Luckily, the war did not bring any harm to the Palace, even though the Soviet soldiers plundered it completely when the war was slowly coming to an end.

After World War II, the premises belonged to the State Agricultural Farm (PGR) which worked here until approximately 1990. Sadly, the following years were not very favourable for the object which slowly started to fall into ruin.

The Palace from the outside appears to be quite a modern arrangement, indeed, whereas the interiors surprise you with their incredible care for even the tiniest details and a whole myriad of original elements dating back to the 19th century. Both the Palace and the 200-year old park around it are monuments officially protected by the law.

In November 1999, the Palace found its owners and carers who remain responsible for the place until today. Thanks to their profound efforts, they restored the former glory of this beautiful mansion. The Brzeźno Palace has been renovated, equipped with historic furniture, and arranged in a truly noble style of the past. The park around it, trim and charming, seduces its Guests with water holes and approximately 3, 5 ha of a natural forest. You can find here the picturesque pond where the famous 18th hole of the golf course Gradi is hidden as well as many old and proud trees, including: peduculate oak, common beech, scarlet oak, European ash and small-leaved lime. Most of them are over 200 years old.

Located on the northern edge of the Trzebnickie Hills (the magical land of the Cistercians, famous for the wine traditions and 19th century health resorts) and in the proglacial stream valley of the Oder River with the extremely rich fauna and flora, the Brzeźno Palace is truly a pearl on Earth. This place is willingly and frequently visited both by the Wrocław inhabitants and people from all around Poland or even the world. Is there any other spot so filled with good energy, peace and quiet, so full of nature, delicious cuisine, fresh air and attractions of all possible sorts. On the premises of the Palace, Guests can find a comfy hotel, conference halls, a restaurant, an 18-hole golf course (GRADI GOLF CLUB), a 6-hole Academy, tennis courts as well as a SPA officially recognized as a health resort.

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