Salt Graduation House

Salt Graduation House

GRADUATION HOUSE IN SALT CAVE – intensive inhalation of healthful minerals

Imagine that the graduation house is a large inhalator thanks to which the healing substances permeate the nose mucous membranes and the skins into your body. Intensive inhalation is possible thanks to combining a graduation house with a salt cave: brine is directly distributed onto pine brushwood and it greatly vaporizes increasing iodine content to the levels of coastal air after three days of stormy weather!

  • Iodine and bromide present in the graduation house are your allies in the fight against various diseases like: obstructive pulmonary disease, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, high blood pressure, neurosis, allergies, skin diseases, joint inflammation, and overall body fatigue are only a few examples. It is at the same time the best and most natural treatment method – it does not put strain on the liver, veins, and other organs.
  • Even if you do not suffer from chronic diseases, inhalations at the graduation house will build up your immunity for those long winter months: they will prevent you from getting runny nose, throat and larynx infections. Finally, they will enhance your body’s overall condition thanks to their antibacterial and purifying properties.
  • The salt cave is a wonderful way for rapid mental ease. Feeling strain, apathy, reluctance for everyday duties? A few therapeutic sessions may help. You simply sit back comfortably on a lounger, listen to the pleasing sound of flowing water, you breathe deeply, and the microclimate around you does all the work: it supplies oxygen to the brain, minerals necessary for the body, it slows down the breathing rate, soothes your thoughts – all in all it makes want to live. Could it be any better?

More details:

  • Active elements in the salt cave
  • A bath ritual
  • medical applications
  • beauty-enhancing applications
  • contradictions

Active elements in the salt cave

Slat cave properties result from microelements present in salt. Salt graduation taking place in the cave further increases their influence by strengthening air circulation and creating stronger curative vapours. The crystal clear salt cave air contains:

  • iodine – it regulates the thyroid gland’s work, which manages metabolism and regulates weight
  • calcium – it enhances immunity, soothes irritation and regulates the work of cardiovascular system
  • magnesium – it has stress relieving properties and positive influence on the cardiovascular system
  • potassium, sodium, and chlorides – have positive influence on heart and improve blood circulation of the skin;
  • iron – the ingredient of haemoglobin, it ensures right metabolism;
  • copper – it has antifungal properties, takes part in haemoglobin production, and influences the work of endocrine glands
  • selenium – it slows down skin aging
  • bromide – it soothes the nervous system and widens bronchial tubes

Salt is a catalyst for negative ions, which determine our good mood. Only this type of ions are found in our salt cave, which has a pollution-free climate.

Unfortunately, every day we live in an environment filled with positive ions, which come mostly from computers, TVs, radio sets, air conditioning, environment polluted with chemical substances. This translates to bad mood, strain, apathy, and malaise. Regular visits to environment filled with negative ions will have a blessing effect on mental well-being, it will charge up batteries for everyday challenges.


Bath rules:

  • A salt cave session lasts 45-60 minutes. There is an option to book the cave for a group of people, so that no other people enter it.
  • We enter the cave clothes on, you only have to cover your shoes or enter in socks only; you sit on lounger and breathe deeply while forgetting about every day problems.
  • We recommend to use the salt cave two times a week, and after a month go down to one session per week. It is best to plan for 2-3 moths in the autumn-winter season, when our bodies are most exposed.


Detailed medical applications

See the list of medical conditions for which the salt cave and the graduation house are especially recommended. The healthful influence of microelements in salt will alleviate their course and improve your wellbeing.


  • Poor immunity and airways infections like common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis. The brine vapours effectively clear the airways and prevent infection relapse. Children are allowed to use the salt cave.
  • The symptoms of skin diseases like psoriasis, seborrhoea, acne, and allergies as well, are changes on the skin or in breathing. The cave’s alleviating effects come from its high humidity, which clears the airways from allergens and pollen and positively affects skin changes.
  • Blood circulation disorders: high blood pressure, post heart-attack condition, poor blood circulation. Elements that are used to prevent and cure them are calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which we inhale during the therapeutic sessions.
  • Joint pains, degenerative changes, podagra – exposing to the curative elements found in salt soothes pain accompanying these diseases, it alleviates inflammations, and enhances overall condition of the motor apparatus.
  • Thyroid hypo activity – inhalations in the salt cave will let you replenish your iodine deficiency and stimulate the work of thyroid, at the same time.
  • Digestive system illnesses like stomach and duodenum ulcers, gastritis, and large intestine inflammation.
  • Neurosis conditions caused by strain, stress, and lowered immunity – regular relaxation in the salt cave helps to quiet the mind, lower tension, fight the feeling of unease.


Detailed cosmetic applications

  • A visit in the salt cave stimulates metabolism, and, in consequence, losing weight.
  • Iodine present in the solution kills bacteria that are the source of unpleasant sweat smell, so the element is an ally in fighting excessive sweating.
  • It speeds up cleansing of the body from metabolic waste, it detoxicates and removes toxins, which is particularly meaningful in dealing with cellulite, keeping water in the body, and smoking.
  • It slows down skin aging and protects against free radicals – after a session, the skin gets hydrated, supplied with oxygen and nourished.



The salt cave and graduation house are a taste of a sanatorium. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and many different conditions. There is a list of conditions, though, that can intensify the negative symptoms after using the salt cave. They are:

  • Thyroid hyperactivity – stimulating the gland for extra work is undesirable,
  • Kidney issues,
  • Tuberculosis – the slat vapour have a negative influence and aggravate cough,
  • Cancers
  • Asthma – a session inside the salt cave may be detrimental to the ill person, because the extracted salt intensifies the cough reflex,
  • Sinusitis,
  • Emphysema,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Psychosomatic disorders,
  • Overall body fatigue.


Inhalation in the salt cave in Brzeźno Palace is much recommended to people dealing with chronic diseases and relapses of inflammatory conditions, strong allergies, and thyroid illnesses, but the microclimate will contribute to an overall improvement of physical condition and wellbeing of everyone who leads a fats-paced life in a large city polluted with harmful substances.

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