Beer Spa

Beer Spa

Beer Spa of Brzeźno Palace is a proposition to those who like to relax in a good company. A bath in natural, dried beer ingredients will let you unwind after a long day, loosen the tension of your skin, and make a good occasion for joint relaxation with friends or co-workers.

A 50-minute session of a bath in dried beer ingredients, which is a mixture of carefully selected dried plants that has been used in herbal and natural medicine for centuries.  They have especially good influence on hair and skin, and ensure an overall improvement of wellbeing. To top it off, the bath is complemented with a glass of delicious beer and finishes with 10 minutes of relaxation.

A benign mixture

Fried beer ingredients is a terrific alternative to baths in actual beer and water mixtures, which are frequently repelling with their irritating smell. The mixture that we offer in the beer spa in Brzeźno Palace, is 100% natural mixture of hops, yeasts, and beer malt, all this of pleasant smell. Such a blend is a guarantee of well-deserved rest and healthful effects of the ingredients rich in B vitamins, which let to smooth and firm the skin on all of your body, at the same time fighting off skin aging and the forming of wrinkles. Baths at beer spa have antifungal and antibacterial effects, they prove themselves great for skincare of dry, fatigued, or acne-prone skin. They also enhance microcirculation of blood in the body. After treatment, the skin is clearly more moisturized, smooth, and pleasant in touch.

The offer is for groups of the palace guests counting 4 to 10 people. The cost of a session is PLN 180. Just contact the Palace reception!

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